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I’ve read an article somewhere and it hit me and I was amazed by how each character chose their path to financial freedom. I want to share the article here on my blog as well and it’ll be very helpful to the readers of my blog. So here it is:

This is the story of three friends who were born on the same year.

Their names are Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer.

On their 30th birthday, they went drinking in a bar.

Towards the end of the night, Mr. Invest Now said, “I want to start investing now. I’ll invest P20,000 every year until our 40th birthday. Do you want to join me?”

“Not now, I’ll invest and catch up with you later,” said Mr. Catch Up.

“Not now, I’ll wait a little longer, and invest when my salary’s higher,” said Mr. Wait Longer.

On their 34th birthday, the three friends met again at the same bar.

“I’m ready to invest,” announced Mr. Catch Up. “I’ll invest P20,000 every year but I won’t stop on our 40th birthday. I’ll invest until we’re 60!”

“Great to hear that! How about you?” Mr. Invest Now asked Mr. Wait Longer.

“Now now, I’ll wait a little longer, when I have more money,” answered Mr. Wait Longer.

On their 40th birthday, the three friends were in their favorite bar once more.

“This is my final year of investing! I’ll no longer invest starting next year,” announced Mr. Invest Now.

“I’m not stopping,” said Mr. Catch Up. “I’ll continue investing until we’re 60 years old.”

“Finally, I will start investing!” said Mr. Wait Longer. “And I will invest P50,000 every year until we’re 50 years old.”

On their 61st birthday, the three friends decided that they will go to Munich to attend the Octoberfest.

They took out their investments, which they all placed in the same mutual fund.

If the compounded annual growth rate of the investment is 10%, who do you think made the most money?

The tables below will show the answer.

Mr. Invest Now

invest now The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer

Mr. Catch Up

catch up The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer

Mr. Wait Longer

wait longer The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer

The Clear Winner

summary The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer

Time to answer a question…

Are you going to invest now, catch up later, or choose to wait longer?

here’s a helpful link that can teach you how o invest in the stock market:

P.S. The article is not mine by the way all credits go to: – you can go ahead and check their blog as well. It is a very informative blog and t also teaches you how to invest and be knowledgeable  on your finances and about money matters.




It took 22 years of me to realize that I was living a lie. A big lie!! It took one man to change my thoughts and outlook about money and being financially free. All throughout the days that I lived I thought I had to study hard, study hard and study harder to be rich, to live a life that’s full blessings (financial). I actually thought I had to finish college and get a good Bachelor’s degree to earn my millions when I’d grow up. It took one man and only one book to change my views about money, Robert Kiyosaki. I owe everything that I know now to him. I’ve read his book thrice or four times now. I’ve read the articles in I followed almost ever article that I can find about financial literacy. And as of the moment I’m still enriching my knowledge about getting out of the rat race.

Rich dad poor dad pdf

While working I’m also busying reading the PDF file my friend sent me. I didn’t realize it was the best gift I’d ever received that year and that was just last year! heheh imagine that! HA! I’m still learning a lot and I will continue to learn.

More of Him and his wife on;

While I was busy learning about financial freedom, little did I know that the man who I have been following to enrich my spiritually life was also teaching financial freedom as well. Bro. Bo Sanchez of the Light of Jesus. He puts thousands of people to tears every time he preaches and you’d actually feel blessed and be inspired to bless other people as well. He taught me how to live as simple and as happy and holy as possible. Although I didn’t live a truly Godly life but I did what I could to be a good Catholic. Anyways Bo also taught a lot about stick market, passive income and little bout real estate. I’ll tel more about him soon.

If you wanna know how to invest in the stock market, just check the link below;

This is just like an introduction to the new world that I have discovered and to the wonders that I will still be discovering.. Just have faith and let’s do this!

On the next chapter of my blog I’d be talking more about what I’ve learned and what I’m being busy of. I hope I’d be inspiring you as well to be financially literate! Let’s journey to a better life!